How To Grow Dead Youtube Channel – Real Tips & working

 How To Grow Dead Youtube Channel – Real Tips & working 

Hello Guys I hope you are all doing well & This time you have a great oppurtunity to grow your dead youtube channel , In this article i will give you spme tips that helps you to grow your youtube channel and gives a boost to your views , subscribers , watchtime and many more . Our website is suitable place for growing your youtube channel by using our experiences. How you can get an active audience from a dead audience.And this is exactly what we are going to talk about today, How to Grow your Dead Channel in some Steps Only. Before starting this , I have 3 youtube channel that have 70k+ Subscribers and I am uploading videos regularly but not getting views, I have apply some steps and got much views, subscribers and also one of my video also get viral.

Ok, so I’ll be telling you the solution because it is quite simple. But there are a few things, without which the solution simply won’t work.




Answer– BECAUSE Youtube didnot send notifications of your videos and hence they were inactive.

Question3– But Why Youtube Did not send notifications to your subscribers ?

Answer– Simple Because the video must have low watchtime & CTR Although this is why youtube not sended notifications on next videos or upcoming videos .

As I told you in the previous section that reason no 1 for a dead channel is having the wrong audience and number 2 reason is not so good content and , in 99% cases, reason 2 is more appropriate .
I have seen a lot of channels. They don’t know who they are targeting, they don’t know their content type, they don’t know how to make a good thumbnail and title, even the content is not good.
In this case, upload on any topic you want. But you simply won’t get views.
So, identify the problem first. Wrong Audience or Not So Good Content, I am also thinks about all stpes very seriously for you.
Ok, so now let’s dive into this.
First, let’s try to solve the Not So Good Content Problem.  everyone including me thinks that our content is always best. Select a timing to publish your videos In a day,week,month and upload,publish videos at a particular time.
Even when I used to upload on my dead channels. I always used to think why is youtube not promoting me despite my channel having the best content.
But when I think about them in the highlight, I can clearly identify that those videos were not the best, not even close to best. They needed a lot of improvement.
Use some special  effects and give reason to your audiences to watch your videos . 
And as soon as I realized it, I started providing valuable videos. Videos that were something new in the youtube space and in just 3 days, critiK started growing organically.

Details for Hindi Viewers- Agar phir bhi views naa aa rhe ho to content me kuch memes and amazing clips laga kar aag laga sakte ho apne comtent me es time logo ko comedy clips acche lagte hai videos me , ye maine apne channel par experiences karne ke bad aapko bata rha hu to esko aap bhi aaply kar sakte hai and apne views ko bhi boost kar sakte hai.

 How to Activate Your Dead Subscribers  

First of all you have to uplaod videos on daily basis and publish it regulary on a particular time period to get more interaction to your targeted audiences. This helps to reach your videos to your audiences, I hope you all understand and If you follows all the steps that i have discussed further then i will surely agree that you will be definately get success in your aim . I hope you all enjoy and get knowledge from our sites.

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