MEarning : New Earning App Online – Earn Google Play Gift Cards

Hello friends if you also want to earn
Rs. 50 to Rs. 100 hundred in a free
Paytm cash everyday that too
without any investment and
you come to the right place
and before we talk about the
application I will tell you the
best use of this application
today in this article I will tell
about an application where
you get Paytm cash.
some Google Play gift card
by spinning scratching and
the scratch card and a
complete some small offer
the application has just
launched in the market
and people who are using
the application are getting
Paytm cash from this
application and also getting
Google Play gift card and
some free fire diamonds
from this application.


The name of this application is
Indian Rewards get together
work together you will also
find this application on Play
Store having the rating of 4.3 stars.
which make the application
more trustable and so far more
than 50000 people have been
downloaded this application from
Google Play Store. Also getting
Paytm cash from this application
and some Google Play gift card
so if you want know in detail
about the application and want
to earn Paytm cash in application
for free then definitely read
this article from beginning
to the end so you get the
right details of this application.

About LootUp App:

Friends by using Indian reward
application you can earn Paytm
cash is sitting at your home this
application have also rating of
4.3 more than 50000 people
download this application
from Play Store from this
we will get to know that
application is working and
also gives payment to the
all users.

How To Use LootUp App:

Look friends in this section we
will talk about how to use
Indian award application
in your Android phone first
of all you have to download
this application if you do not
know how to download the
application then the in the
below you will get the download
button and where you can
click on the download a
success and you got the
right place to download
this application you have to
open fast and up register this
application after this you
have to login as soon as
possible you have login
the application you will
get see the main Dashboard
of this application where you
will see get a four main pages.

  1. HOME
  4. POLL

First of all guys we will talk about
the home page as soon you will
click on the home page many
actors will come in front of
you just have to complete
this task in it and you get
Paytm cash then all the
tasks you will completed
you are ongoing and I in the
home screen you will also get
the spin and scratch option
where you got the screen and
where you got the scratch when
you scratch it and when you
spin it you get many calls
and in conversion of the
squares you will get Paytm
cash and Google Play gift card.

Also the home page section
contains daily check in, article read,
watch videos ,on offer reward and
when you click on the daily check-in
you will get 50 coins for every day .
when you check in this application
and when you spin it also
you get coin and when you
read the articles for 5 minute
you got 50 coins for
reading this article from the app.
The action for videozone when
you click on the videos on you
got YouTube videos and you
play for 1 to 2 minutes then
you get coins for 50 coins for
every 1 minute. Last but not
least when you click on the
offers and you will get the
offers like Tata new,ludo,vedantu,
indian rewards, byju’s application
when you are redirect on the
Google Play Store and
completing his offer you
rewarded coins will be
added in the application and
in conversion of the squares
you got Paytm cash and
Google Play gift card.


To redeem Paytm cash from Indian
rewards application you have to
first click on the rewards exam
after that you have to select
Paytm and the amount and
withdrawal and click on the
withdrawal button you will
get instant payments or friend
if you see how to easy use this
application to take Paytm cash
then you have to get the world
section and get the history
section where you can check
our your history when you
withdraw your coins.

Referral Code – 257950

No friends we will talk about the most
important section on the process of
downloading the application is very
easy love you will get the option to
go to download page click here, click
on it after clicking it will redirect to
another page where you have to wait
wait 50 seconds after, 50 seconds clicking
on the download option you will appear
in front of you after clicking you can
download the application from Google Play Store.

You have to wait 20 seconds.



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